KIMERUD Products to USA

May 2, 2018

We are happy to announce KIMERUD Wild Grade Gin (47%) & KIMERUD Gin (40%) will finally be available in the US market! We recently signed a contract to import company Kimerud New Jersey. The first shipment is on the way and should be here shortly. Look for it at your favorite retailers in July!

We will also be premiering Pink Gin and Hillside Aged this summer! We can’t wait!
To learn more about these great new products, check them out on our Product Page.

Western Whiskey creates a stir at PLCB

Find out what the buzz is all about! This past weekend we attended a the PLCB Wine & Spirit Show at Valley Forge with Western Whiskey Honey Pepper, a hand-crafted artisanal whiskey . We were ranked fifth overall when compared to other brands. Western Honey Pepper…the legend  awaits you. If you haven’t tried it you should!

Here is a link to our Western Whiskey Honey Pepper drink recipes:

Western Whiskey Honey Pepper Drink Recipes

If you need to know where to get it, message us and we’ll share locations close to you!

Brooklyn Republic Vodka is available at Restaurant Depot

Small-batch spirits have become exceedingly popular and Brooklyn Republic Vodka, made right in — you guessed it — Brooklyn by vodka enthusiast Gary Shokin; his partner, Mark Krupkin; and his daughter, Kary Laskin is no exception. Brooklyn Republic Vodka is a classic vodka handcrafted for a naturally smooth sweetness with absolutely no additives. They claim the secret ingredient to their vodka is the locally sourced New York City water. Brooklyn water makes all the difference—New York City water is exceptional, sweet and delicious, giving this vodka a clean, smooth finish, making it easy to mix with in cocktails.

For much of his adult life, Gary Shokin traveled around the world — Russia, Poland, Ukraine, the Baltics — where he learned traditional vodka-making methods and recipes. His appreciation for vodka became a passion and he began infusing it at home.nHe became a master blender and went to Wisconsin to learn more about American spirit-making techniques.

Brooklyn Republic Vodka doesn’t actually do the distilling in Brooklyn, as the raw grain alcohol first undergoes multi-column distillation in Missouri, near where it’s grown.  Then, different grain alcohols are blended with Brooklyn water before undergoing a seven-day carbon filtration and impurity crystallization — whereit’s then dropped to subzero temperatures to continue filtration — in small batches in Brooklyn.
Brooklyn Republic Vodka has developed a unique flavor profile by carefully balancing several grain spirits, including organic wheat and sweet corn, and blending with purified Brooklyn water—giving it a smooth-bodied, subtle sweetness, that makes it perfect to enjoy on the rocks.
One sip will let you share the passion of this locally made high quality spirit.

Brooklyn Republic can noow be found at Restaurant Depot located at 43-40 57th Ave., Maspeth, NY 11378.  Phone: (718) 707-9330.