Brooklyn Republic Vodka

A classic vodka handcrafted for a naturally smooth sweetness with absolutely no additives. Brooklyn water makes all the difference—New York City water is exceptional, sweet and delicious, giving this vodka a clean, smooth finish, making it easy to mix with in cocktails.

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Consejo de La Alta

Rioja is arguably Spain’s top wine region and is one of only two regions classified under the Denominación de Origen Calificada (DOCa) system. Its two most important red grapes are Tempranillo and Garnacha. The medium body and high acidity in Spanish red wines from Rioja makes them excellent for pairing with a variety of foods.

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La Belle Collette

Côtes de Provence, Provence, France A Provençal Rosé blend from the sunny hills of the Château de Saint-Martin – one of the 18 Grands Crus Classés in Provence. Colette was created by three young entrepreneurs who make up La Belle Collection, in partnership with the prestigious Château Saint-Martin, one of the 18 classified crus of…

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Fully Loaded Cocktails

Introducing “Our Original Mary” The anytime/anywhere Bloody Mary. The classically refreshing and satisfying Bloody Mary, expertly concocted and conveniently packaged with the alcohol already inside. Enjoy it on the golf course, tailgating or just sitting on the beach listening to the waves crash. However you enjoy your Bloody Mary, try Our Original Bloody Mary, the…

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Kimerud Distillery

Norway The Kimerud Distillery is a small-shop craft operation located on the family farm, located in Lier municipality, west of Oslo, Norway. The farm itself dates back to 1785. The clean air and good soil in Lier provides perfect conditions for growing high quality herbs and berries for hand-crafted Gin and Aquavit. The Kimerud Distillery started operations…

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Rosé par Paris

Rosé par Paris Côtes de Provence Pierrefeu, Provence, France Varietal: 30% Grenache and 70% Cinsault Rosé par Paris is a rich, harmonious Provençal blend of 30% Grenache and 70% Cinsault Rosé wine produced by Domain de l’Allamande, a 74-acre family vineyard in the heart of the Pierrefeu area. The vineyards of this “terroir” are located…

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Sue Bella Rosa Italian Wines

In ancient times, the Italian peninsula was commonly referred to as Enotria, or “land of wine,” because of its rich diversity of grape varieties and many acres dedicated to cultivated vines. Today, with over 800 wine grape varieties, 20 uniquely designated wine growing regions, and hundreds of years of winemaking history on the books, Italy’s…

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Western Whiskey – Honey Pepper

A hand-crafted artisanal whiskey Western Whiskey Honey Pepper is a hand-crafted artisanal whiskey  skillfully prepared in small batches to highlight the purity of superior natural ingredients. The initial rich, full-bodied Bourbon profile offers a firm undertone of oak and vanilla softened by smooth natural honey and followed with a fiery, yet subtle peppery finish. Western…

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