Kimerud Collector’s Pink Gin

Lier, Norway
750ml | 76 Proof | 38 % ABV | 6 Bottles Per Case


This Gin owes its subtle dry palate to the hand-picked organic berries from Kimerud farm. From July through August, Master Distiller Ståle Johnsen, his wife Barbara and two daughters collect the rich, ripe raspberries to ensure only the highest quality and most flavorsome berries are selected.

This pretty Pink Gin contains no fewer than 23 botanicals. A touch of sourced sugar is added to give the spirit a mild sweet balance. You can enjoy this gin alone in the glass, or by creating exciting new takes on classic cocktails such as a Collector’s Gin u0026amp; Tonic.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color:Raspberry pink
Aroma: Very complex with roses, juniper, and herbs.
Flavor: Complex with raspberry, herbs and notes of citrus.
Finish : Long finish with fresh raspberry and herbs.
Style: Gin
Region: Lier
Country: Norway
Alcohol: 38%
Distillery: Kimerud
Bottler: Kimerud


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