Sue Bella Rosa Prosecco
Valdobbiadene, Veneto, Italy
Varietal: 100% Glera

Some say no other beverage defines the Italian philosophy of la dolce vita, or the good life, quite like Prosecco.

Sue Bella Rosa Prosecco is a great option for half the cost of Champagne. It’s refreshing, flavorful, light-bodied, dry, and features a wallet-friendly price tag. Sourced from 100% Glera in the heart of Italy’s Procsecco DOC region.

Sue Bella Rosa Prosecco grapes are grown and hand-selected on small family-owned vineyards. The wine is fermented in a state-of-the-art modern winery using the time-honored traditional Charmat Method or Metodo Italiano.

Fun Facts: The Prosecco grape is called Glera and not Prosecco to stop imitators from using the Prosecco designation. Today, Glera must account for at least 85% of the blend in all Proseccos.

Taste Profile: Sue Bella Rosa Prosecco should be enjoyed young and fresh. This sparkler offers typical Prosecco aromas of white spring flowers, peaches, apricots, citrus fruit, green apple and pear. It is balanced with lively acidity and an elegant mousse offering an absolutely delicious flavor profile that is dry and pear-flavored, with light hints of lemon, toast, golden apple, white peach and mandarin orange notes. The gravelly mineral bits of apple are complemented by a gingery warmth on the finish. It has pleasant, tingly bubbles that linger, a reminder of summer days. Very refreshing, round and elegant.

Pairs with: Sue Bella Rosa Prosecco makes a quintessential before-dinner drink, and can be paired with pizza or pastas topped with seafood.

Perfect for: It’s perfect for all occasions, and it’s ideal for everyday. Pour into a glass and enjoy before a meal, during a meal, after a meal, at a party or for an intimate dinner.

Category: DOCG
Geographic Region: Valdobbiadene, Veneto, Italy
Type: White Sparkling Wine
Color: Shiny lemon yellow
Sweetness: Dry (Brut)
Alcohol: 11%
Aging Potential: Drink now.
Serve at: Proseccos are best enjoyed chilled to around 45° F.

Bubbly, lively, classy, sexy…Sue Bella Rosa!

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