Puglia, Italy
Varietal: 100% Primitivo

If you want fruit-forward, ripe, red wine for a good price, look no further than Puglia and Sue Bella Rosa Primitivo! Some of the best values in Italian wine come from this sunny, dry region.

Sue Bella Rosa Primitivo is made from red 100% Primitivo grapes in Italy’s Puglia region. So, If you’re searching for a richer, medium-bodied red with abundant weight look for Sue Bella Rosa Primitivo.

The word Primitivo doesn’t mean primitive in Italian, but actually means early ripening since these grapes accumulate a lot of sugar early in the season. Primitivo is a dark-skinned grape known for producing black, inky, fruit-filled, jammy wines with low acidity and medium tannins.

Taste Profile: This ripe tasting, fruity and medium-bodied wine exhibits strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and leather notes. Flavors are of dark fruit like fresh figs, blueberries and baked blackberries. There are distinct dried fruit-leather characters. The early ripening means resulting wines are big, luscious and full of fruit.

Pairs with: Sue Bella Rosa Primitivo pairs well with fresh vegetables, fruity tomatoes, and peppery olive oil. For people looking to explore summer’s abundance and cook or grill lots of vegetables, this Primitivo is a perfect compliment to tomato-based dishes, stuffed eggplant, lamb and pea stew, orecchiete pasta with turnip greens, spaghetti Bolognese, veal parmigiana, chicken cacciatore, and pizza. Try it with earthy firm cheeses like Pecorino and Parmigiano-Reggiano. It is also suitable for afternoon lunches.

Category: IGT
Geographic Region: Puglia
Type: Dry Red Wine
Sweetness: Dry
Alcohol: 13%
Aging Potential: Drink now to four years.
Serve at: 10-12°C / 50-54°F

Fun fact: Primitivo is also known as Zinfandel.

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