Kimerud Hillside Aged Gin (Cask Gin 42%)

Lier, Norway

750ml | 84 Proof | 42% ABV | 6 Bottles Per Case

The cold climate in Norway adds to the quality of Kimerud Gin as it delays the growth of the herbs, bringing a luxurious richness that to the final taste. Kimerud also uses botanicals that were popular as food and medicinal sources during the Viking era (800-1050)..

Kimerud’s Master Distiller has learned from the Viking’s teachings to produce a balanced, yet powerful Gin that pays tribute to their Viking history—built on the botanicals’ strength the Vikings needed for their long naval voyages. Based on the award-winning Kimerud Gin, this Hillside Aged Gin is a handcrafted, small-batch Double Cask Gin with 42% alcohol by volume.

Master Distiller Ståle Håvaldsen Johnsen crafts this complex and smooth Gin with care. He uses 22 botanicals including: juniper, coriander, lemon peel, walnut, angelica root, ginger root, mint, and orange peel. Scents of the sea are noticeable, as Ståle uses rhodiola rosea, a wild Scandinavian herb picked on the cliff of the Arctic`s Norwegian Sea.

The spirit is distilled five times and only pure mountain water is added after distillation. The Gin is stored in various oak barrels; old sherry casks and fine French oak barrels for a total of six months, all of which previously contained Håvaldsen Aquavit. This Gin takes the best flavors and aromas from the Aquavit, some sweetness from the sherry, and the delicate balance of brown sugar and vanilla from the oak, making for a complex and elegant Gin that can be used both as digestif or in favorite cocktails—including Gin Tonics.

Tasting Notes

Color: Golden Brown
Aroma: Very complex,Very complex oak barrel, Aquavit, and herbs.
Flavor: Complex herbs and a touch of savory basil followed by creamy vanilla and a hint of chocolate raisin and Aquavit.
Finish: Long finish for a Gin, with good oak flavors and a dash of sweet.
Style: Gin
Region: Lier
Country: Norway
Alcohol: 47%
Distillery: Kimerud
Bottler: Kimerud

Silver Medal, Berlin International Spirits Competition 2018.






You have to taste it for yourself!

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