Håvaldsen Aquavit

Håvaldsen Triple Cask Aquavit
750ml  |  80.0 Proof  |  40% ABV  |  6 Bottles Per Case

The Kimerud Distillery is a family owned distillery, built on Kimerud Farm, which dates back to 1785. The clean air and good soil here provides optimal conditions for growing high quality herbs and berries. This is the first triple-cask Aquavit made in Norway and it is a toast to the Master Distiller`s grandfather Herold Håvaldsen, a miner in the Norwegian mountains. During WW2 he worked worked on ships before he was taken as a P.O.W. for his service as a freedom fighter.

Håvaldsen Triple Cask Aquavit is distilled in the same method used as the original Kimerud Gins This Aquavit blends a total of 20 different herbs, including: caraway, quince, coriander, angelica, mint, ginger root, range and lemon peel. Because all the herbs are distilled together before adding only pure mountain water, the herbs are well-integrated into the end product.

Håvaldsen is stored in three different barrels for a total of nine months, beginning with Sherry barrels and followed by  Madeira and fine French oak casks. This is the first triple-cask Aquavit made in Norway.

Håvaldsen is then stored in three different barrels for a total of nine months — beginning with three months in Sherry casks, followed by three months in Madeira barrels and the final three months are spent in fine French oak casks.

Color: Light golden yellow.

Aroma: Cool and fragrant with notes of citrus, spice, white flowers and a touch of herb in fine wood.

Flavor: profound lingering finish from the rich herbs and botanicals. A touch of lemon curd, citrus and spice offers a slightly bitter lingering aftertaste. Recommended as an avec/digestif per the finest dark spirits. Also perfect as the ingredient in bold cocktails.

Producer: Kimerud AS

Country, District, Sub-district: Norway, Buskerrud

 Silver medal, International Spirits Competition, 2017.

.International Spirits Challenge: 2017 Silver Medal