Ariousios Afstiros

Chiotiko Krassero and Agianniotiko (Ayanitis)

Afstiros is a blend of two local Chian varieties Chiotiko Krassero and Agianniotiko (Ayanitis) which have been cultivated in Chios since ancient times. These indigenous varietals form the backbone of Afstirios, a charming fruity red wine. Agianniotiko is rare red Aegean variety, whose maturity normally coincides with the feast of St. John the Baptist. It is blended with Chiotiko Krassero to promote color, and add some spicy, peppery tones

Chiotiko Krassero is the grape that is believed to be the famous red grape of Ariousios—the wine that that Homer spoke of in antiquity. These grapes make Afstirios an intense red, full-bodied, rich in tannins wine that offers strawberry and cheery red fruit flavors. Made in a rich international style it seems very similar to a Syrah. The Agianniotiko (Agiannitis) grape, in addition to add spice notes, is used to soften the high tannic notes of Chiotiko Krassero.

Taste Profile: A full-bodied red with great tannin structure, it offers flavors of rich, dark red fruits, spice and vanilla for a rich and balanced taste and a long, dry, smooth finish.

Pairs with: Meats with red sauces, pasta with spicy sauces and lobster or gourmet seafood.

Vinification Method: Fermentation controlled temperature process is used for the production of this red wine.

Aging: 18 months cold cellar with natural humidity so as to highlight the peculiarities of fragrance and color of the varieties, combined with the aromas of French oak barrels.

Category: PGI Chios
Geographic Region: Aegean
Type: Red Dry Wine
Color: Red
Sweetness: Dry
Alcohol: 13%
Aging Potential: Drink now to  4 Years

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