Ariousios Afstiros—dry red Ariousios Rosé—dry rosé Ariousia Chora—dry white Greek Islands—dry white  Ariousia Chora Dry White

Varietal: Athiri (ah-thee-ree) and Assyrtiko (ah-SEER-tiko)

Ariousia Chora is reminiscent of a southern white Burgundy Noted for its lemon character, The Assyrtiko gives Ariousia Chora a fresh mouth-watering acidity.

Quite fruit forward on the nose with intense aromas of stone fruit, peach, green apples, lime and pear. Although it offers a moderate intensity of flavors, of mostly white and yellow fruits, and delicious notes of nectarine, green apple and lime refreshingly linger on the palate

Taste Profile
Medium-bodied with a fresh, mouth-watering acidity, it offers a superbly racy, lean minerality and slightly oily texture towards finish.

Because it offers moderate alcohol levels, smooth acidity that displays freshness and vivacity, this dry white wine is suitable for a large range of difficult to match dishes.
This dry white wine is suitable for a large range of difficult to match dishes.

Perfect for: Enjoy Ariousia Chora as an aperitif, especially on warm summer days and beachside lunches.

Category: PGI Chios
Geographic Region: Aegean
Type: White Dry Wine
Color: Shiny lemon yellow
Sweetness: Dry
Alcohol: 12.5%
Aging Potential: Drink now to two or three years
Serve at: 18°C / 64°F

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