100% Tempranillo, D.O Cigales, Spain

Tempranillo rosé is growing in popularity from the Rioja region and other parts of Spain.

Finca Feroes Tempranillo rosé is a DO Cigales has a rosey pink hue and herbaceous nose of green peppercorn, watermelon, fresh strawberry and meaty notes reminiscent of fried chicken. The flavors are floral—crushed rose petals in the lead, followed by juice of wild strawberries and red raspberries. It offers a generous juicy onset with lots of lively acidity. In fact, this is an energetic and lively refreshing rosé.

A glass of this rosé will class up any taco truck experience.


Food Pairing: Great for warm wather sipping, almost any light meal, grilled meats and vegetables, barbecue.
Serving temperature: 10° – 18°C / 50°- 64°F
ABV: 13.5%

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