Successfully promoting Your brands

As your brand ambassador, we promote your products. We provide valuable outside feedback and give you a better overall picture of your overall market. Technology is changing the way we interact with customers, but some aspects remain unchanged—people will still listen to product recommendations from someone they trust.

Magical Spirits adds that essential human element to your company—both online and at trade shows.

We attend all of the large national trade shows for our clients  to promote their products. These shows occur annually  in March, August and November. We also attend various state shows throughout the year. We can help you determine which shows your products will perform best and which markets will be most receptive to your product line.

We arrange for personal visits during trade shows to demonstrate your products. Prior to each show, we contact our distributors and provide product information, spec sheets and pricing to generate interest. After each show, we provide you with valuable feedback from customers and consumers.

Currently, we represent the following brands: Tomahawk WhiskyTomahawk Maple Cream; Honey Pepper Western Whiskey; Brooklyn Republic Vodka; Finca Feroes Wines; Fully Loaded Cocktails; La Belle Collette; McKeown Cider; Rosé par Paris; and Sue Bella Prosecco.

Why not let us represent you?